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Tips on Navigating Around London for the Newbie Traveler

The sheer magnificence of a city such as London can be extremely overpowering in the beginning – after all it’s one of the major cities in the world. London is one of the powerhouses of the world’s tourism and business industries. It also recently took over from New York as the financial capital of the world.

Therefore you can be forgiven for be a little anxious if its your first time traveling to London. However, you need to not be fearful, as with the right amount of research, navigating around London is pretty simple but it’s best to take heed of some of the cost-cutting measures you read about in order to make sure that you don’t surpass the budget you have set aside for your travels.

London also recently was crowned the most expensive city in the world to live in by the Guardian so it’s essential during your travels that you try to utilize the most cost-effective forms of travel possible. In this article we’ll represent to you the most affordable transportation London has to offer and how to get the most bang for your buck.

The Underground

Upon arrival at one of London’s flagship airports, the cheapest option of travel available and most practical is using the Underground. Heathrow is serviced by the Underground and major motorways so getting to your hotel shouldn’t be an issue. Gatwick, the other major airport in London, is also serviced by two major roads and the Gatwick Airport Station services upwards of 12 trains an hour to and from London per Parking4Less.

Once in London, Underground day tickets are relatively cheap so take advantage of them when you are planning to travel to multiple stops in a day. If you really want to save money look at purchasing the off-peak travel cards for a discounted price, however these will restrict the times that you can travel. View the prices of Underground tickets here.

London Buses

Cheap travel that allows you to see London’s bustling urban life at first hand. The only problem is with using buses in London: the traffic. London’s renowned for horrific traffic especially during rush hour. Using the buses is the cheapest form of travel but during the aforementioned rush hour periods; expect to be stuck in traffic for sustained periods. Also, when possible look to avoid using the night buses as much as possible as they can attract some unsavory characters. When possible try to utilize buses before night or the last Underground trains that are available.

Black cabs

Although black cabs around London are arguably the safest form of transport, they come at a cost. Cabs in London are some of the most expensive in the world, and you could face huge charges for what seems a relatively short ride. The best suggestion to make is, to only use cabs as a last resort as they can eat into your budget significantly.

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