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Save time by getting a TFN online

With over 1.6 million working holiday-makers and backpackers visiting Australia each year, it’s important they’re aware of their taxation and superannuation (super) obligations during their stay.

The popularity of Australia as a working holiday destination for backpackers means that many may need to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) if they decide to seek employment whilst in the country.

To make it easier for working holiday makers and backpackers to understand their tax and super obligations whilst in Australia, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has developed the webpage Coming to Australia on their website. Go to to find information on why you need a TFN, how to apply for a TFN online, what taxes you need to pay, and how to lodge a tax return.

The ATO’s Assistant Deputy Commissioner Graham Whyte is encouraging backpackers to use the website, which can be viewed from any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access, rather than spending their time travelling to a shopfront.

“All the information you need to know is on the website,” said Mr Whyte.

“Backpackers will have all the information they need to register for a TFN online at their fingertips.”

“Sorting out your taxes in a foreign country is always important, so it’s critical that visitors to Australia get their information straight from the ATO, rather than relying on what they hear from other sources within the community.”

“And with the large number of backpackers in places like Sydney, applying for a TFN online is the quickest and easiest way to do it,” said Mr Whyte.

This website is part of a range of online services being offered by the ATO. Backpackers may also be interested in the ATO’s app, myTax online tax return, voice authentication and information in 16 languages.

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