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What is the perfect city to start your Australian Working Holiday Visa adventure?

You adventure will be effected by the city you chose.

Ok, well – you decided to go to Australia, you already got the Working Holiday Visa, now it’s time to choose the city where you want to start your Aussie adventure, consisting of work and vacations…especially lots of vacations!

Choosing a city is not really as simple as you may think. You have to consider job offers, how many opportunities there are, if it is livable or not and, of course, if it could fit your expectations.

Here are the most popular cities there and some pieces of advice from us where to stay in Australia.



Perth is one of the Australian cites with the best beaches in the world and it is livable and quiet, people-friendly and it’s usually the place where the Australians go to spend their vacations.

The weather in Perth is maybe the best one around Australia, but the city has a slight problem: it’s rather a bit isolated; to reach the next big city it’s about 3 hours by plane.


Coolibah Lodge is famous because of its super friendly staff, it is located in Northbridge, the most colourful neighborhood in town. If you own HostelsClub MembershipCard you can enjoy a discount of 25% for a minimum stay of 4 nights. Rooms from 19,56 euros.

Backpack City & Surf is perfect for everyone who’s looking for a quiet place to stay and also to have fun. This hostel is also located in Northbridge. Rooms from 17,34 euros.



Who would not choose Sydney? Famous all over the world for its marvellous Opera House, Sydney a city to visit at least once in a lifetime. In addition to being a city with a lot of attractions to see, Sdyney is also a good point from where you can start your adventure, particularly if you want to work from the very beginning. Dynamic, multicultural and extremely open minded, Sydney is also 15 minutes by car from the Bondi Beach, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Australia.


Jolly Swagman Backpackers is located in Kings Cross, well-known to be the perfect neighborhood to spend your night out. The hostel is in a little street in Pott’s Point, and it has been hosting travellers from all over the world for more than 20 years. Rooms from 19,27 euros.

Lamrock Lodge is quite a reference in Bondi Beach, located a few steps from the beach, this hostel is the starting point for several backpackers every year. The hostel is situated in a quiet and residencial area, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. Rooms from 14,50 euros.

Sydney Backpackers is located the center of Sydney, few steps from the Town Hall Station. This hostel is really huge, its panoramic terrace is its main strength and from here you can see Sydney from another point of view. 15% of discount is offfered for our Membership Card owners. Rooms from 17,88 euros.



Malbourne is always competing with Sydney – seems like the two cities hate each other. Melbourne is a people friendly city, here houses show a European architecture, it seems like being home… more or less. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne is really cold in winter, and very hot in summer, but job opportunities are variable.


Nomads Melbourne is located in the center of Melbourne, few steps away from the Queen Victoria Market. The hostel offers rooms which are suitable for all needs, from luxury ones with private bathroom included, to ordinary dorms, including female-only dorms. Rooms from 19,94 euros.

Discovery Melbourne is probably the best known hostel in Melbourne and for sure, one of the most booked. The hostel offers a 10% discount to people having our Membership Card. Rooms from 22,71 euros.

Base Melbourne belongs to the Base hostel chain, it has been recently renewed and has nowadays different kinds of rooms, including a whole floor dedicated to only girls dorms. Rooms from 16,77 euros.



Since Brisbane is so close to Tropics it’s one of the most humid cities in Australia, but the truth is that here it’s hot for the whole year. Brisbane doen’t face the sea, but to reach the super famous beaches of the Gold Cost it’s just an hour drive. Life here goes on slowly, and not crazily as in Sydney.


Cloud 9 Backpacker was opened more that 10 years ago, and since then the hostel has been offering different kinds of accommodation in a intimate atmosphere. From here you can anjoy the view of the city thanks to the amazing rooftop. Rooms from 14,07 euros. 

Aussieway Backpackers is a small but comfortable hostel, located in the center of Brisbane. This hostel is built in a colonial building of 1872 and it is one of the few places where travellers have been hosted for more than 20 years. Rooms from 18,86 euros. 

So after all the comparing tips, which city and hostel would you go for?

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