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Getting the Working Holiday Visa to Australia? We tell you where to stay

Are you thinking about traveling to Australia with the Working Holiday Visa? We are going to tell you where to stay during your first days

If you are thinking about going to Australia for a year with the Working Holiday Visa and taking the chance of living a great experience between work and vacation you won’t forget, one of the first things to do is to book a cheap room for the first days.

Deciding to start a long journey in a destination such as Australia to work a bit abroad usually means you don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation. Therefore, here we collected some of the cool and cheap hostels for you to book during your stay in Australia. But first of all, let’s see why to choose a hostel in the first place!


Arriving to a foreign country with the idea of staying there for a while, probably by yourself, is a tough decision indeed. You are going to count your money day by day, try to understand the world around you and a hostel, in this case, can help you, but let’s see how:

1. You got the opportunity to meet new people who probably are there with the Working Holiday visa too and they can give you some advice.

2. Travelling by yourself is a brave decicision, but in hostels you could find people to share your trip with, or you can simply get in contact with people from different countries and discover their traditions and customs.

3. Hostel staff is usually friendly and willing to help you in planning your adventure through Australia.

4. Some hostels offer backpackers a room for some hours of work in exchange and this is a great way to start!


Australia is a big country, but we can still give you some pieces of advice about where to stay during your first week there without spending all your money.

Base Airlie Beach Resort and Nomads Airlie Beach are two amazing solutions if you want to start your adventure from the north of Australia, where for example Whiteheaven Island, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is located. Rooms available from 19,44 per person, per night.

If your first step is going to be in Perth, Backpack City Surf is the perfect accommodation you need. Rooms available from 18,08 euros per person, per night.

If you are starting your trip from Albany you can’t miss the 1849 Backpacker hostel, one of the most beautiful and clean hostels around the world. Rooms from 23,40 euros per person, per night.

If you are in love with big cities, Sydney is the one to choose! Here we have the Sydney Central hostel, where rooms are available from 33,26 euro per person per night, otherwise the Sydney Backpackers hostel, right in the middle of the CBD. Rooms available from 19,25 euros per night, per person.

Melbourne is one of the best value destinations in Australia, and the Discovery Melbourne is the favourite backpackers hostel around. Rooms available from 22,71 eyros per person per night.

So, what are you waiting for?

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